We are an online radio station, airing 24/7, playing urban music (genres including Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Soul, Pop & Instrumental) from artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. We officially launched December 1, 2018. Our station’s stream (http://edge1-b.exa.live365.net/a82194) was created on the website, Live365.com.  Our website address is https://www.thegradio.com.

By submitting your song to THE G RADIO, LLC, you certify and acknowledge that:

  • Depending on which Spin Package you purchase:

    • We charge $5.00 for our BRONZE SPIN PACKAGE. 

    • We charge $10.00 for our SILVER SPIN PACKAGE. 

    • We charge $25.00 for our GOLD SPIN PACKAGE.

    • We charge $50.00 for our PLATINUM SPIN PACKAGE.  

      • All of the above prices are displayed BEFORE taxes/fees have been factored in and all in USD.​

    • We use Stripe, PayPal, Venmo & Cash App as our various payment options. To view STRIPE's Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy, click here.  To view PayPal's Privacy Policy, click here. To view Venmo's user agreement, click here. To view Cash App's Terms & Privacy Policy, click here.

      • When paying with PayPal, Venmo or Cash App, a 7% tax will be added onto the total. That 7% consists of the West Virginia (where our business is licensed) State Tax, 6%, along with with the Elkins (the city we are located in) Municipal Tax, 1%.

      • When paying with Stripe, the 7% tax rate will be applied (as listed above) along with a 2.9% rate plus $0.30 for each transaction that Stripe collects. Also, another 1% is added in which is the percent that CognitoForms.com (the company we use to create our submission form) takes on each sale.

  • All sales are final after 15 days. Satisfaction guaranteed and if you are not happy before that 15 day period is up, we will refund you 100%. 

  • We use CognitoForms.com to host/build our music submission forms. View their Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy.

  • You own the content that you're submitting or have permission to submit it from the owner.

  • All of the song’s information (for example, name(s) of artist(s), title of track, producer’s name, etc.) is all accurate and correct.

  • Your song will be added to our station within 48 hours.

  • Your artist & song details will be added to our website within 48 hours (if you purchased either the Silver, Gold or Platinum Spin Package).

  • Your song will play on the station for a total of 2 months.

  • You will be added to our mailing list and receive promotional along with informative Emails regarding your submission to our station. We will not spam you & will not give, sell or auction your email to any third parties.

  • All songs, on our station, play at random. 

    • If you paid for the Bronze Spin Package, your song will play 5 times per week & you will receive light social media promotion.

    • If you paid for the Silver Spin Package, your song will play 10 times per week & you will receive moderate social media promotion.

    • If you paid for the Gold Spin Package, your song will play 20 times per week & you will receive heavy social media promotion.

    • If you paid for the Platinum Spin Package, your song will play 40 times per week & you will receive immense social media promotion.

    • View all of the features that come with each Spin Package here.  


By submitting your song to THE G RADIO, LLC, you give us permission to:


  • Play the Mp3 version your song on our online radio player and list its information, along with where to purchase the song online, on our website.

  • Display your stage name and your social media links (that you listed on the submission form) on our website. The Email, that your provided us, will not be listed anywhere, as that is only for our administrators.

  • Follow you on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud & Spotify. Tag you in positive, promotional tweets & Instagram posts.  Involve you in Twitter polls. Like and retweet you on Twitter. Like and repost your music on Soundcloud. Like your posts on Instagram. Save your song to our Spotify library and add it to our public Spotify playlist which consists of songs currently streaming on our station.

By submitting your song to THE G RADIO, LLC, and having it air on our station, you understand that:

  • We DO track how many plays your song has received.

  • Your song WILL play on the station, AT THE VERY LEAST, the minimum amount of times that corresponds with the Spin Package you purchased, in a 24 hour span.

  • We DO track, in total, how many people are listening to our station.

  • We DO track, in total, how many hours our station is being listened to.

  • We DO track which exact countries that have users who are tuning into our station.

  • We DO track what type of device (computer, tablet or smart phone) that listeners are using to access our station.

  • We ARE licensed through:

    • ASCAP

    • BMI

    • PPL

    • PRS

    • Re:Sound

    • SESAC

    • SOCAN

    • SoundExchange 

      • To view info on each of those companies, click here.​

*Please note, if you have submitted multiple songs to us, therefore having more than just one song active and playing on our station, each song might not meet its guaranteed number of spins per week. This is because we have to meet strict guidelines set by the DMCA (the governing body of online radio stations), which limits the number of times a song & artist can be played in a day.


  • An Email will be sent to each artist around the time that their song is about to expire on the station (2 months), giving them the opportunity to renew their track.

  • Renewals cost $5.00 USD (before taxes/fees). The same payment options are available for renewals that are available for initial submissions. To be eligible for a track renewal, you must first have had to purchase one of our four Spin Packages.

  • What you receive by purchasing our track renewal:

    • You and your track will be our DAILY MUSIC SPOTLIGHT post on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages.​

    • Your track will receive 2 more months of airtime, playing the amount of times that corresponds with the initial Spin Package that you purchased.

    • An individual post will be displayed on each of our social media pages promoting the artist and their song.


By listening to THE G RADIO, LLC, you understand and acknowledge that:


  • All music played on the station is:

    • Not copyrighted (royalty free).

    • And/or approved to play by the artist/label/composer/writer (owner of the song).

  • Some songs contain explicit language, therefore, listener discretion is advised.

  • There is no 'Skip Song' button.

  • Each song was submitted by its rightful owner.​ 

  • Songs are NOT available for download or purchase from our radio player. A link (if available) will be displayed to purchase/listen to the song on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify or Amazon Music. On our website, if the owner of the songs permits it, we list where the song can be heard, downloaded or purchased online.

***Please view our DISCLAIMER to see what we CANNOT guarantee with our service.***




Shout Outs:

*  After a song is successfully submitted (either via our submission form or on FIVERR), the artist will be informed about submitting a shout out to us which will stream randomly on our station. A shout out to THE G RADIO, LLC consists of a greeting ("yo", "what's up", "what's good", etc), then "this is (your stage name) and you're listening to THE G RADIO, LLC, your #1 station for the underground!”  All shout outs (any audio format is accepted) are to be Emailed to info@thegradio.com.


*  All artists who submit a shout out to us will get 1 free song submission.
*  Artists can send us as many shout outs as they want, however, will only receive the 1 free song submission.

*  To be eligible for shout out submission, artists must first successfully purchase one of our four Spin Packages.




*  After a song is successfully submitted (either via our submission form or on FIVERR), the artist will be informed about submitting a testimonial to us which will be featured on our home page.  A testimonial to THE G RADIO, LLC should be between three to five sentences consisting of their positive experience with us (example topics include the song submission process, gaining popularity or listening experience).  The testimonial will have a pic of the artist, their name and their testimonial quote all linked to a profile page of their choosing (examples include their Soundcloud page, Twitter profile or where to purchase their music).


*  All artists who submit a testimonial to us will get 1 free song submission.

*  Only one testimonial per artists.

*  To be eligible for testimonial submission, artists must first successfully purchase one of our four Spin Packages.   



All of the music content that is posted on our website or played on our station is not owned by THE G RADIO, LLC. It's simply promotion for the artist and good listening for the public.  We simply play what has been submitted to us by the owner of the song.

All logos (ours and others) listed on our website are simply for promotional usage only.  We do not own them or gain any profit by displaying them.

                                                                            PRIVACY POLICY

THE G RADIO, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of our online visitors.  Online visitors who wish to pay for a song submission must provide the correct info to whichever payment processor they choose so that the transactional will be successful.  THE G RADIO, LLC does not see or keep any credit card/bank info.  That entire process is all handled through whichever secure payment processor you choose. 


All online visitor data collected by THE G RADIO, LLC is protected against unauthorized access.  We will not sell, trade, or give your personal information to other companies or organizations.  The only information we will list on our website comes from the song submission form you fill out after payment is made.  That information, found in the MUSIC section, includes your stage name, song title, producer of the song, any featured artists, social media links (like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, etc), your official website and other streaming/online music stores to purchase your song online (such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Tidal and Spotify). 


Children's Privacy:


We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.  If we learn that we have personal information on a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information from our systems.  THE G RADIO, LLC encourages parents to go online with their kids.  Here are a few tips to help make a child's online experience safer:

  • Teach kids never to give personal information, unless supervised by a parent or responsible adult. Includes name, address, phone, school, etc. 

  • Know the sites your kids are visiting and which sites are appropriate. 

  • Look for Web site privacy policies.  Know how your child's information is treated.