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Follow these steps below to pay for a Spin Package using the trusted payment processor, PayPal.

1.) Fill out our Song Submission form on our SUBMISSIONS page.

2.) Choose which Spin Package you want to purchase, and then make sure you choose "PayPal" as your payment method.

3.) Provide your PayPal Email address as prompted to in the box on the form.

4.) Once form is successfully submitted:

a.) We will send you a PayPal INVOICE (from our account, THE G RADIO, LLC / info@thegradio.com) for the total $ amount that corresponds with the Spin Package that you selected.

b.) You will be redirected to our "Thank You For Your Song Submission" page where you can read the confirmation message and learn about various free song submission opportunities. 

c.) A confirmation Email will be sent to the address that you provided on the form.

5.) Once payment is successfully submitted by you and received by us:

a.) Your song will be loaded up to our station's playlist within 24 hours.

b.) Your song/artist details (that you provided on the form) will be added to our website's ALL MUSIC Page within 24 hours (only if you purchased the Silver, Gold or Platinum Spin Package).