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How Much do submissions cost?

Song submissions, to our station, come in the form of 'Spin Packages'. We offer a Bronze Package ($5.00), Silver Package ($10.00), Gold Package ($25.00) & Platinum Package ($50.00). Click Here to view all info on our Spin Packages.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal, Stripe, Cash App & Venmo. To see how to pay using each, simply click on your preferred method.

What comes with each spin package?

The more expensive the Spin Package, the more spins (plays) your song will get on our station, the more social media promo you will receive & the more you, your tracks & links will be displayed on our website. To see what features come with each of our Spin Packages, click here.

Why should i sign up for your service?

We will get your song heard on our station, and get you exposure across our social media and music pages. With over 38K listeners to our station, last month alone, to go with our 3,000+ fans/followers on social media, we guarantee it!

I am not from or currently living in the USA (where THE G RADIO, LLC is located). Can I still sign up?

Yes! We currently have artists from Canada, the UK, Nigeria, Tanzania & more! Just note, the cost of each Spin Package is in USD.

how long until my track will be played on the station After i Have purchased a spin package?

Once submission and payment have been accepted, your song will be live on our station and listed on our website (if you purchased either the Silver, Gold or Platinum Package) within 24 hours.


You can click the "LISTEN NOW" icon on the top our website to listen with LIVE365. We are also listed on popular web radio directories such as Radio.net, LiveOnlineRadio.net, MusicGoal.com, Stationzilla.com, Streamitter.com & more. Lastly, listen to our station on popular radio directory apps such as myTuner Radio, TuneYou, Radio Fm, RadioGuide.FM, Radioline & more. To view all outlets where you can hear our station, click here.

How long will my song play on the station & will I be notified when it is about to expire?

Your song will air on our station for 2 months and around the time it is about to expire, you will receive an Email from us notifying you of that. Within that Email, a renewal opportunity & a new submission option will be presented to you.

Is the station licensed through royalty companies?
Yes, we are licensed through ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange, PPL, PRS For Music, Re:Sound, SOCAN & SESAC. To view our licensing info, click here.

How can I be featured as the 'artist of the month' or my song be the 'track of the week' on the homepage?

For you to be entered into the drawing to be our 'Artist of the Month' , you need to have purchased the Platinum Spin Package. For your song to be entered into the drawing to be the 'Track of the Week' , you need to have purchased either the Silver, Gold or Platinum Spin Package.

How can my song appear on your website's 'FEATURED MUSIC page'?

To have your track's title, stage name & profile/download links listed on our 'FEATURED TRACKS' page, you must purchase either our Silver, Gold or Platinum Spin Package. 

Will you notify me when my song plays or tell me when my song is scheduled to play?

No, we do not send notifications when songs play due to overcapacity. No, due to web radio station laws, we cannot tell you when your song is scheduled to play. However, WE CAN GUARANTEE that it will play the number of times, per week, that corresponds with the Spin Package that you purchased.

I recently purchased a Spin Package, therefore, my track is playing on the station and listed on the website. However, I need some of my profile links to my pages updated or removed. How can I do that?

Easy, just send us an Email (info@thegradio.com) and let us know which links need update, removed and/or added!