How much does your services cost?

We offer four (4) packages each priced differently. 

Bronze = $20, Silver = $50, Gold = $75 & Platinum = $100. This payment covers you for the first two (2) months on our platform.
If you then decided to renew or if you opted into our subscription on PayPal, that cost is $10 per month. Prices are listed in USD & before taxes/fees are added in. For all info on the packages we offer, see the PRICING page.

What payment methods do you accept?

For package subscriptions, we currently only offer PayPal.
For promos, we offer Cash App, PayPal, Stripe, & Venmo.

What comes with each package Subscription?

Each package subscription comes with varying levels of airplay for your track on our station & social media promo. The silver, gold & platinum packages come with a listing on our website. The gold & platinum packages open you and your track up for more specific features such as being selected as our 'Track of the Week or even our 'Artist of the Month'. To view exactly what comes with each package subscription, CLICK HERE.

Why should i sign up for your service?

We will get your song heard on our station (that's live in over 50 countries worldwide), exposure across our social media and music pages (combined for over 10k followers) & present you with valuable resources that will help you drastically improve your career. With over 40K listeners to our station, along with steady growth & engagements on our social media pages, we guarantee that you will get seen and your music will get heard! With our subscription service, you'll be able to have your hottest tracks on our platform for maximum exposure.

I am not from or currently living in the USA (where THE G RADIO is located). Can I still sign up?

Yes! We have had artists from Canada, the UK, Nigeria, Tanzania & more use our services! Just note, the cost of each of our services is in USD.

how long until my track will be played on the station After i Have purchased a spin package?

Once submission and payment have been accepted, your song will be live on our platform within 48 hours.


You can click the LISTEN LIVE icon on the top our website to stream our station. We are also listed on popular web radio directories & mobile apps such as,,,, & more. Also you can listen to our station on popular radio directory mobile apps such as myTuner Radio, TuneYou, Radio FM, RadioGuide.FM, Radioline & more. To view all outlets where you can hear our station, CLICK HERE.

How Does the subscription Work?

Once you select your preferred package, fill in your correct details on the form & select your preferred payment method. Submit the form. If accepted, you'll then be billed accordingly. Once we receive your payment, your track will be live on our platform within 48 hours and remain for two (2) months. At the conclusion of that time period, if you paid initially with PayPal, you will be automatically billed $10 per month & be given the option (via email) to replace your current track with a brand new one to make sure you stay hot and on top. You can end the subscription at anytime. If you picked any of the other payment methods, you will have to manually make the $10 per month payment if you want to remain on our platform.

How can my track & I appear on your website's ALL MUSIC page, & how can my track be listed on the FEATURED tracks page'?

To have you, your track, your web/profile links & your track's download link appear on our ALL MUSIC page, you need to purchase either the silver, gold or platinum package.
For your track to be listed on our FEATURED TRACKS page, you need to purchase either the gold or platinum package. Our featured track's page is ranked by a third-party company (Radio Box) that tracks the number of plays & listens your track gets, then ranks it accordingly. We do not have any control over the rankings.

How can I be featured as the 'artist of the month' or my song be the 'track of the week' on the homepage?

For you to be entered into the drawing to be our 'Artist of the Month', you need to have purchased the platinum package. For your song to be selected for our 'Track of the Week', you need to have purchased either the gold or platinum package.

Will you notify me when my Track airs on your station or when it is scheduled to air? will you tell me how many times my song has played on the station?

No, we do not send notifications when songs plays & no we cannot tell you when your track will play (according to web radio laws). We can, however, guarantee that your track will play the number of times, per week, that corresponds with the package that you purchased. If you have a Twitter account, you will sometimes be tagged in our #NowPlaying Tweets that occur a couple times each hour. They do display the track that is currently playing but will not Tweet out each and every time that your track plays.
If you purchase the platinum package, we will be able to provide you with stat reports of how many times your track has recently played on our station.

I recently purchased one of your Packages. my track is playing on the station and listed on the website. However, I need some of my web/profile links updated or removed. How can I do that?

Easy, just send us an email ( and let us know which links need update, removed and/or added!

 Still have questions? Send us an email ( and ask away!